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I bought furniture here 15 years ago and was recommending them ever since - until now. My last purchase of $5k (for 3 pieces) was promised in 5 weeks - a very important detail in that I was moving and sold my old bedroom set on the move. The sales slip said the furniture would take up to 5 weeks. The salesperson told me I would get a call within 5 weeks to schedule delivery - he knew my situation.

I called just before the five week deadline to inquire on the progress of the order. At that time they told me it would be at least two weeks. I said fine but you told me five. The customer service rep said well there was a problem at the factory and we really didn't lie to you because at the time you ordered it said 5 weeks. He could tell I was a little disappointed so he said he would call me in a week and a half and it should most certainly be in at the time. No call.

I called 2 weeks later. Could never ever talk to anyone but voicemail when I called - they obviously screen every call. I asked for a call back. The guy I was dealing with wouldn't even talk to me anymore - he had one of his employees deal with me - "what a coincidence your furniture just came in!". Anyway I was only without furniture 2 weeks because I kept following up. Not hair pulling but a somewhat substantial inconvenience considering the move.

On delivery - the delivery guys dragged the furniture all over the carpet which stained it nicely - thanks a lot PM Bedroom Gallery. When my wife complained about it - they laughed at her - told her it happens and said it should come out easily - it didn't. Loyal customer for 15 years gets. I will never recommend again.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #651498

I agree that follow up should have been better.Anyone who thinks this is mid tier quality at best really doesn't know furniture.

I know their furniture is made to order so the wood is cut, assembled, stained and finished then goes right out. Because of that there will be some smell as it cures.

Thats how you know its made for you and not sitting in a warehouse for months waiting for a home.If you doubled lead time so it could off-gas that would fix it but I doubt anyone would want to wait more.

Sugar Grove, Illinois, United States #589916

We've had nothing but great service with them. Also, we were told by the sales rep in Naperville/Aurora that their delivery guys do not get paid if anything is damaged in the process of dropping it off.


If you think their furniture is the best on the market - you have *** poor standards. They are mid tier at best and have poor customer service. None of their people that I dealt with would get a job at my company - but then again I have standards.


your just a crybaby .. Best furniture in the market there ....


Just spent nearly 10k at Ethan Allen - they actually take care of their customers and keep you in the loop when problems arise.




I have spent over 20K with them over the last 5 years and they have allways been great ( 5 differnt orders), no promblems at all, and when my lossened but after a move they can right out a tigented it up at no charge. I have always gone to the hoffman estate store.



Do not shop at the Downers Grove location.There are children working there.

They have no clue about good customer service.:(


I purchased two full-size beds and mattresses from the Hoffman Estates store approximately 9 mos.ago.

Both have drawers under the bed. I was told that their furniture is top-notch which was why I went there in the first place. When the furniture arrived, both of the beds smelled they had just been painted with oil paint and thrown onto the truck. After about 6 months, the bases of BOTH beds began to show vertical cracks.

I have called the store several times. Was given the customer svc. email address and phone. Called and left messages and emailed w/photos.

No response whatsoever. Called the store again and found out that the customer svc. guy was no longer working for them in WI. Sent another email to the new cust.

svc. guy over 2 weeks reply. This is insane. I want my beds replaced or a full refund.

I suspect I'll be contacting the BBB on Monday.Anyone else experience this?

Wanamassa, New Jersey, United States #138759

Honestly, they could have been proactive and contacted me about any delays at the factory. Honestly they could have called back when they said they would. Honestly they could have picked up the phone and not put me through a maze of contacts and voice mails.

Just dealing proactively and honestly would have avoided them losing a customer.

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